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So, many places to go and things to do

Ireland has a rich and glorious past, steeped in history, folklore and legends. Its breath-taking scenery is totally captivating and also provides a natural playground for those of you wishing to enjoy the great outdoors.

At Treasured Ireland we create imaginative itineraries to showcase our wealth of culture, history, ancient customs and traditions, which encompass some of Ireland's finest historic houses, ancient monuments, castles and gardens and areas of outstanding natural beauty.


As with each one of our itineraries, it will be unique and personally tailored to your specific interests and wishes. We also love an adventure and may well throw in a surprise or two along the way as we are always happy to take a detour on our travels to explore the little winding lanes and nooks and crannies that are often passed by. We can't wait to hear what you have in mind so contact us today to share your thoughts and let your dreams unfold.

Below are some of the most popular locations and attractions to spark your imagination!

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